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Tool room

We have built our Tool room in order to become more suitable and open to other businesses!

It is a unique part of our company, which has a great influence on our successes and our production. Thanks to select team of engineers and modern equipment, we are capable of performing a wide range of specialized tasks:

  • building of tools used in production of plastic parts,
  • production of injection moulds for our own usage and for our clients,
  • modification of injection moulds,
  • servicing of currently used injection moulds,
  • production of specialized parts.
  • polishing of injection moulds,
  • preparation of mould surfaces for factorage,
  • an extensive factorage
  • technical documentation analysis of injection moulds
  • MOLDFLOW analysis

In our company, we are capable of performing the most specialized tasks. We provide full service and modify all injection moulds along with parts. In addition, if there is a need, we build new custom-made injection moulds. If you are looking for a company that specializes in building tools for manufacturing plastic parts, you’ve just found one!

In our Tool room we have the most modern equipment.

Our most modern equipment incorporates the following:

  • gantry crane 10/5 T,
  • processing centre VF-5/40,
  • die sinker AMC-60,
  • impulse welding machine for mould welding,
  • conventional machines for machining processes,

If you have an essential element to build, our team of specialists will take up the challenge with pleasure!

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