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Polmer consistently focuses on technological development. We invest in modern machinery and manufacturing technologies. Our primary method in production of plastic parts is injection molding or simply injection. This is an effective method commonly employed in production of entire elements and decoration of plastic parts. We operate 22 injection machines with clamp forces 200 – … Read more



We manufacture custom-made plastic parts and fit them with electrical and electronic components as well as with polystyrene foam inserts and many other parts. We carry out a basic assembling directly on the machine as well as a more complicated process on the assembly line.


Hot – plate welding

In this technology we use a hot plate, which is placed between the surface of two elements in order to plasticize and finally weld them. Specialists divide this technology into vertical and horizontal welding that are used to weld the details of bigger dimensions and capacity, e.g. air-flow systems for dryers or detergent drawers.


Ultra-sonic welding

Although the name of this technology sounds like sci-fi to us, it is easy and commonly employed nowadays. In this technology, plastic elements are set into mechanical vibrations to heat up the surface of the elements up to plasticity level. The next step comprises pressing the surfaces simultaneously which results in welding of the parts. … Read more


Hot stamping

This technology involves employing special hot-stamping foil and convex dies, made of heat conducting material. We offer high quality colourful printings along with monochromatic ones.


Pad printing

In pad printing we use special pads that that are crucial in the production of high quality printings. This technology is perfect for manufacturing printings on front panels, e.g. a company’s logo. We can mark your product using this technology!


Screen printing

We can manufacture printings on plastic parts employing screen printing technique. The production is based on simple pattern painting. We possess two screen printing machines able to produce printings on elements of various size and colours. Our printings are good looking and of high quality!


Gas injection

Gas injection is a modern technology in plastic production. It has the following advantages: high solidity of the final product (handles, knobs), feasible reduction of the mould weight up to 50%, shorter cooling process, lack of surface defects on final products, ergonometric construction, This method requires sophisticated equipment. Fortunately, we have and use three injection … Read more


Painting and Galvanising

We are not only able to print images on products, but also we can give them a metallic glint. Additionally, we create long-lasting and good looking metallic coatings. We have a wide range of colors to choose from – hence you can determine not only the shape, but also the color.

See what technologies we employ in plastic parts production and decoration

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